Miss K – Happy Wife = Happy Life

Any time we have done any kind of family pictures, wedding pictures, anything… what I envision in my head never seems to be what the final product and I usually end up somewhat disappointed. This was one of my biggest fears with the shoot. And I was worried at how bad I was going to damage what little self confidence I had gained over the last few months. But when I sat down for my viewing I could not believe it was ME I was looking at! And my makeup and hair was SPOT.ON! Shalista took my visions and improved on them 10 fold. I had such a hard time picking what pictures to put in the album, I actually ended up paying to add in additional!

My anniversary is in June, but after seeing the pictures I couldn’t wait and ended up giving them to him for Christmas also. Shocked does not even begin to describe my husband’s reaction! He sat there speechless, red-faced and just smiling and nodding with each picture. Later he told me how he couldn’t believe what a lucky guy he is that he had a wife that was willing to do that for him, to go completely out of my comfort zone and surprise him like that. And he was so glad that I was finally able to see myself the way he sees me. He actually laughs when he catches me looking at the pictures (because I do it all the time), saying “I’m starting to wonder if this was my gift or yours”. And he’s not wrong, it really did end up being for me too. As a mom, I usually put everyone else first, so consciously thinking of myself and taking care of myself before the shoot was amazing. And then seeing the pictures after the shoot boosted my confidence SO MUCH! And the funny thing is that taking care of myself is reflecting in my family. My kids have been happier and my husband is DEFINITELY happier.

It’s true what they say “happy wife = happy life”. Shalista gave that to me/us and I could never thank her enough!


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