Miss A – Felt Like I Was In A Dream

I was incredibly nervous about doing a boudoir session, seeing as I don’t consider myself as “sexy” or “photo worthy”. I decided to go ahead and go for it with my friend so that we both had the experience and could show our men back home how sexy we can be! And I can’t be more glad that we followed through!

I will admit I was pretty apprehensive about the whole situation because I felt like I wouldn’t be good at any of the poses and the photos wouldn’t be any good. But Shalista directed me into each and every pose and I started to feel more confident as time went on! I felt like I was in a dream where I felt so damn confident and sexy and I looked at the camera and showed my “sexy face”!

After the session, I felt so empowered and relaxed, I never in my life thought that a photo shoot would bring out such powerful feelings! Once I saw the photos I was awestruck! I could not believe that those photos were in fact me, looking real sexy if I might say! They turned out so much better than I expected and it was so hard to choose between them!

I would recommend this to absolutely anyone! It is fun and a great confidence booster if I might say! I honestly can’t wait to do this again a couple years from now and see the differences between shoots!


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Boudoir is Not About Lingerie. Boudoir Sessions for The Non-Girly Girl in Sioux Falls

You might think that the women I photograph for boudoir sessions are more fashionistas than yoga pants lovers, but you’d be wrong. And not all of them come in clad in high-end lingerie! One of the most common objections to doing a boudoir session is, “I have no idea what I would wear.”


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Miss J – Living life her way and finding happiness.

My girlfriend had a mini-shoot through Shalista to mark off her bucket list…I had actually never heard of a boudoir shoot but realized immediately that I needed this in my life. I NEEDED to feel the way these gorgeous women looked, not ever really expecting my photos to even compare to THEM. I was a […]


Real Sessions


This could be you. We have set up a shower in the studio JUST FOR YOU and we’re ready to break it in.  No wardrobe to buy, no makeup or hair to fuss.This is simple and incredibly sexy. SHOWER SESSIONS – MAY 10 & 11 Here’s how this special mini-session opportunity works: You wear one outfit, and […]