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Miss J – 3rd Times Charmed

From Miss J <3 I decided to do my third shoot because I truly believe it is the most beautiful gift a woman can give to herself. I have overcome a lot in the last three years from when I did my first, and I wanted to show that. I have worked hard for weight […]



The hardest thing about a boudoir session.

My darlings, The other day I got an email from a woman that said this: How do people get the confidence to do this? When clients come in for boudoir photos, I sometimes let them in on a secret when they walk in the door: “Congratulations. The hard part is over!” Without a doubt, the […]


From Shalista

Miss Anonymous – He was floored.

I decided to do a boudoir session to surprise my husband of 12 years for Christmas.  I’m pretty conservative so it’s something he’d never expect that I’d do.  I booked a mini session and then started looking for something to wear which may have been the most nerve wracking part of the process!  I found […]


Real Sessions

Why you should consider a maternity session! Yes, you are so beautiful!

Women can do incredible things, perhaps the most famous thing is growing another human!  Pregnancy is such a short time – although it may feel like a loooong time – and it’s such a beautiful experience to remember. Taking a moment to appreciate your marvelous changing body and celebrate this new life is a great […]



Miss R – Sioux Falls Bridal Boudoir

I did this boudoir shoot for a wedding gift for my husband-to-be! Excited and nervous are the two words I would use to describe how I was feeling before this shoot. I think those words are pretty accurate feelings for a lot of the girls out there before a photoshoot. But during the session, Shalista changed my emotions to feeling sexy, confident and super comfortable! I cannot tell all you girls enough how amazing this experience was. Shalista tells you exactly what to do and how to do it. She helps you with every arm, hand, hip, butt and foot placement along with exactly how to look and where. 

If you ever had even a slight thought about doing a boudoir shoot, stop thinking and book a session with Shalista now! I am so glad I decided to do it and I haven’t stopped telling my girlfriends about it. I am so excited to see my pictures and I am even more excited to show my fiancé on our wedding day. I know he is going to absolutely love them!


Real Sessions