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Miss M – Overwhelmed… DO IT!

Miss M is a repeat client. The first session she just hoped for one or two good photos. But she loved her boudoir session with Shalista so much that she returned for a second photoshoot. She brought her husband in to the reveal appointment and he was as thrilled as she was about her amazing […]


Client Love

Miss C – It was priceless.

I joined Shalista’s Facebook page awhile back. I really wanted to have my own session but it is totally out of the box for me this is not something I would normally do. After having 4 c-section babies in 8 years my body is just not what it used to be and I am not really comfortable even having my picture even taken, let alone half naked! I booked my session and ordered a couple outfits. The closer it got the more nervous I was. I mean how would I pose and even look sexy?!

My day came and as soon as walked in the door I was greeted by the most awesome people! I sat down and was pampered, having my hair and makeup done (which was fantastic “me time”) It looked great by the time I started with Shalista I forgot I was even nervous! I had so much fun and she told me exactly how to pose! Before I knew it the session was over… I couldn’t wait to see my pictures!! At my viewing, I loved them all. Seriously I loved all of my “sexy” half naked photos…who would have thought!! When my book arrived, I just couldn’t believe that I thought I was doing this for a gift for my husband! I mean it was but it ended up totally being a gift for ME too!

His reaction when he opened it was priceless ♡ I would definitely do it again and recommend you do a session too! Even if you are unsure, just do it…you will be so glad you did!!!


Real Sessions

Boudoir is Not About Lingerie. Boudoir Sessions for The Non-Girly Girl in Sioux Falls

You might think that the women I photograph for boudoir sessions are more fashionistas than yoga pants lovers, but you’d be wrong. And not all of them come in clad in high-end lingerie! One of the most common objections to doing a boudoir session is, “I have no idea what I would wear.”


From Shalista

Is Boudoir Porn? NO | Sioux Falls Boudoir

I see you sneaking around my galleries with visions of you in your man’s favorite jersey with the light cascading on your perfectly made curls. I see you, Mama, and I want you to know:  it’s okay!  I know that society and the world, and sometimes our own Mama’s, have informed us that pictures of […]


From Shalista