Miss Anonymous – My husband absolutely loved the photos.

I decided to do this photo shoot as a birthday present for my husband.  I was very nervous about doing this and had second thoughts even as I walked throug the door that day.  Having my makeup and hair done eased the nervousness a little.  It looked great.  Shalista was amazing she has a way […]


Real Sessions

Raves: Miss J.

I was excited and nervous when I first decided to do a session. Excited, because I knew my husband would love the outcome. Nervous, because I’ve never felt particularly photogenic let alone sexy in photos and I didn’t want this to be further proof of that! Frankly, all of my anxiety was completely unwarranted. Even before the day of the shoot I started to feel comfortable with the process, and on the day of the shoot I felt like a different woman. Suddenly, prancing around and posing in my sexy undergarments was fun! THEN I got to see the result … incredible! At first glance I was completely subjective (I even thought to myself “I hope she realizes how pretty she really is”) … and then I allowed it to sink in that these really were pictures of ME … not some pretty stranger, not some touched up and ‘photoshopped’ pictures of someone else .. but really incredible pictures of ME! What a revelation!! At that point my anticipation and excitement about the process turned into excitement about giving them to my husband as a gift! He was speechless … and at first, pleasantly confused, because he couldn’t figure out how I had pulled it off (no pun intended)! Then he really looked at them and realized that in some of the shots I was wearing his hat and shirt or my wedding dress and got pretty emotional about how truly intimate they are. He definitely has his favorites (as do I) … and his only complaint is that his “bragging rights” now come with some self-imposed censorship .. ha! I wouldn’t hesitate to do this again and will recommend it to every woman interested and willing to listen!

-Miss J